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Landscapes of the Westfjords in all seasons.

Lanscapes, white in winter, yellow in spring, green in summer, red in autumn.

The Westfjords always wear a colorful cover that never ceases to amaze us. Add to this the incessant windshield of the winds, which run innumerable clouds that get irridescent by the few rays piercing through the gaps. You will have a pretty clear idea of ​​what you can expect of the landscape of the Westfjords.

Faced with this incessant variation of lights, you must always be ready to take out your camera.  It’s always matter of to keeping a trace of something changing  in the scenery. It’s is very rare that we witness twice the same phenomenon. Indeed, everything participates silently to develop a particular landscape of the day. Barely a foggy veil absorbs the details that the mountains seem already to move away. As soon as some rays pierce with some warm colors and they will come back closer…

Suffocating, invigorating, limitless, luxurious visions of landscapes where everything is possible and it is this wealth that we try to capture every day.

These day tours fit perfectly the belongs of those that are keen on lanscape photography : Hornbjarg Cliffs and Sunset & Sunrise.

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