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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery have been taken with this material :
Digital cameras :  two Fuji XT2 and one Fuji XT1 to shoot our pictures and our lenses are : Fuji 10-24mm f.4, Samyang 12mm f.2, 35mm f.2, Fuji 56mm f1.4 and Fuji 100-400mm f.4,5-5,6. Film cameras : two Canon EOS 1 V for wildlife and 2 Chamonix 45 N2 for landscape and one Phase One P25+ digital back.
Equipment : 2 tripods Gitzo serie 5 systematic 4, our heads are Cubes Arca Swiss C1 for landscape and northern lights and Jobu Pro 2 for wildlife. Filters : Nisi Kit V5 pro as filters holder and Lee Filters : Big stopper, Horizontal filter, corail, sky… Enlarger :  Devere 504 with a Heiland DEL head. We develop B&W and Color films.

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