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Light chasing

Light chasing


Light chasing


Very few people know how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets on Isafjordur's main fjord are during the summer solstice.
The idea of ​​the trick is to follow the rays of sun from sunset to sunrise, about four hours and to make the most of the light variations. You can see our gallery here.

What will we do ?

We will follow the path of the sun's rays in places highlighted by this phenomenon. We will go to the summit of mountains to observe the sun tangent the sea despite being under the polar circle, we will look for reflections and mirrors on the water, we will highlight monuments by the warm lights of the sunset.

No difficulties

No special effort will be required and no prior knowledge is required.

Come with hiking shoes and different layers of clothing to adapt to the time of day.

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  • Maria&Michael AvatarMaria&Michael

    Stéphanie led us to some amazing locations for photography and was very helpful with camera settings and instruction for those particular scenes. In addition, she was extremely friendly, caring, and a joy to be around. The time spent with her flew by way too fast. We shared our tour with others who were also lots of fun - it was so wonderful to meet them and enjoy in this experience together. If you take this tour, be sure to wear appropriate clothes - it can get cold, wet, and/or windy in some places. The roads you take are gravel and can be very steep and windy, so a 4x4/4WD vehicle is highly recommended. Our photos turned out beautiful, but that really pales in comparison to the heartwarming, smile-inspiring memories we have of our time with Stéphanie and the group. This experience is HIGHLY recommended! - 6/23/2019 

An unprecedented experience

An other way of discovering the beauty of Iceland

100% photographic session

Timelapse - Long exposure - Filters


One of the rare places to see the sun tengenting the sea

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