Sudavik Tours & Guesthouse

Sudavik Guesthouse

Sudavik Tours & Guesthouse

2 floors with 3 bedrooms each for a total capacity of 14 people.
On the ground floor, a large bedroom with a private bathroom and two medium sized bedrooms with a shared bathroom. You have a lounge shared between travelers and a common kitchen.
Upstairs, a large bedroom and two medium sized bedrooms with a shared bathroom and a living room and a common kitchen.
On each floor we have a library of books, maps and games to keep you busy in the event of bad weather or to offer you openings in Iceland and the region.
As we want you to enjoy the best of the Westjjords, we will welcome you and equally show you the important places in the Fjords.
Thus, order your accomodation directly on our website, on Airbnb or Booking.

Sudavik Guesthouse

You want croissants, pain au chocolat and surdough bread ? It’s the right place for that… We make them ourselves and they are delicious!

Breads are baked once or twice a week and the pastries every morning. We can also make some pizzas or cakes, feel free to ask if you have special requests. We can also arrange the bakeri for parties or wedding.

Do not hesitate to order them for your stays or tours. You can order these item directly egally.

Bread & Pastries

You can order our photos directly from this site for a delivery at home or at Sudavik guesthouse directly.
Pictures are grouped around the four main themes of our day tours : Landscape, Northern Lights, Sunset & Sunrise and Wildlife.
Digital and printed versions are for sale. For paper versions, select the desired format.
All the pictures are not already printed, think to order at the beginning of your stay to be sure to get them before your departure.



Tours & Guesthouse

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