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  • This is a great place to stay if you want a base to explore the region. There are seals birds walks and good fishing everywhere. The place is spacious and good value

    Svetlana Avatar

    Rodolphe and Stephanie were the nicest host ever!
    We arrived ~9pm and Stephanie prepared us some icelandic snack along with 4 different kinds of homemade jam. They were so delicious!

    Even tho it was way past their bed time by then, they drove us out for a short hike picking wild blueberries / mushroom and some of us went fishing with his son. They were so friendly and we learned so much about the Iceland from them!

    Lisa Avatar
  • Arrêtez-vous ici. Une nuit, ou mieux, deux, trois et laissez vous gagner par l'ambiance des lieux, ces fjords de l'ouest qui sont une île dans l'île.
    On est à peine rentré qu'on regarde déjà comment y retourner.
    Stéphanie et Rodolphe se mettent en quatre pour vous faire humer l'atmosphère si singulière des Westflords.
    Sitôt repérée une baleine à bosse, confortablement installés à la fenêtre, on file l'observer depuis la jetée toute proche. L'occasion pour ces deux là, photographes émérites, de vous conter une tranche de leur vie sur cette terre de contraste.
    Accompagnez Rodolphe observer les renards arctiques dans leur milieu naturel, il pense comme ces petites boules de poils grises, presque à les appeler par leur prénom.
    À coup sûr, un 'highlight' d'un séjour islandais, intense, authentique, riche en nature, en paysages et loin des sites très (trop ?) courus du golden circle...

    Sébastien Maury Avatar
    Sébastien Maury

    Exceeded expectations. The apartment was great, but what really made it was the hospitality shown by the host family - truly enriched our travels!

    Sterling & Susie Avatar
    Sterling & Susie
About the guesthouse

The guesthouse is located in the old Sudavik, the summer one, where it's forbidden to stay during winter. So it's very quiet and calm as no business and activities are developped here. You can enjoy the views from accomodations: mountains, glacier, fjord, harbor...
Sudavik guesthouse offer a garden, a terace and two independant floors with three accomodations, bathroom(s), saloon and kitchen  each. Saloons are bigs and each kitchen is fully equiped, whatever the duration of your stay, one night, one month, you will have available everything you need: fridge, pans, glasses, covers, mixers... Cooking outside with barbecues is possible.
As we are bakers so you have the option to order some pastries or surdough bread. We wish you a nice stay !
Here is the link to book directly on Airbnb website or if it's easier for you.

About Sudavik

Sudavik is a small fisherman village in the very north of the inhabited Westfjords. The scenery is awesome and no village will look like more wild that this one. Yet all amenities are within easy reach as Isafjordur is only 20km away. It's the perfect place for those that want to stay in the wild without being cut from the amenities.
Plenty of hiking are accessible directly from Sudavik and visiting the arctic fox center is a very good option as you will meet two alive polar foxes. Some festivals will happen during summers and one is particulary famous, the blueberry festival. For the pleasure of childrens, the biggest playgroung of Iceland is in Sudavik and is totally free.

About the Westfjords

The westfjords of Iceland are located in northwestern Iceland. It is a rocky plateau that has been scupled by numerous valleys that glaciers shaped during their melting. The main attraction of fjords is therefore this mix of mountains and tangled inlets.
People love fjords for beauty of their landscapes and the possible amount of hikes.
The tranquility is also a strong point of fjords, few tourists come here and that even in full season.
For these reasons, the Westfjords are the best region to stay one week in iceland and to enjoy nature. Many will regret staying only one day ...

About the tours

In addition to accommodations, we offer different tours centered around the theme of nature. Day tours or Multi Day tours to better meet your expectations.
These tours will satisfy nature lovers and offer a new point of vew on the fjords. You will discover secret places that have a real interest for the purpose. Here are some examples of tours : Watching an Arctic Fox, Shooting the Northern Lights, Foraging & Cooking, Hornbjarg Cliffs...
Tours are not available all year round  because only a few times of the year  make magic work.
Booking your tour separtly or with yours accomodations is just a matter of clic, do according to your needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any information request.

Bread & Pastries

All breads and pastries are made according to the French tradition and that by ourselves.
Bread is made with surdought that gives off a real flavor according to weight of bread, you can keep it for a week to three weeks.
Pastries and breads are available as an option with rooms, you can also order some croissants or bread without any booking at sudavik guesthouse.

Bread & Pastries

Few people discover it by themselves, so we would like to let you know and offer you a chance to enjoy it.
Humpback whales and Minke whales, seals and puffins are visible daily from the windows of the guesthouse and better from the harbor. Settle on the pier and wait, nature will reward you ...


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