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Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

Wild animals into the wild of Sudavik

The photos of the wildlife photography gallery were taken during the different day tours we offer.
The animals look serene because they were photographed in their natural environment while we camouflaged.
Each photo is the result of a long analysis or research and we put all our heart to put these animals from the garden background in value.
As strange as it may seem, and this also applies to whales, all these pictures were taken in Sudavik County.

Our wildlife photography gallery present picture of :
Puffins, Minke Whale, Humpback Whale, Gyrfalcon, White tailed Eagle, Arctic Fox,
Ptarmigan, Red throated Diver, Long tail Duck, King Eider…

Sudavik is one these few places where there are more wild animals than inhabitants.
It’s always a huge pleasure to enjoy thousands of acres just for us to take wildlife pictures.

Notice to enthusiastic photographers and wildlife photography lovers.
Our activities have been designed for you.
We invite you to come and enjoy this wilderness that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

You just have to follow this link to book a day tour.

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