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  • Rodolphe was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He was a fantastic teacher and I learned a lot about nighttime photography in general and the specifics of shooting landscapes and the northern lights. It was a great experience and I am already applying what I learned to improve my photos. I can't recommend this experience with Rodolphe enough.

    Kim Avatar

    We spent a week in Iceland, 2 days in the Westfjords, and this excursion was the highlight of our entire trip. Rodolphe is interesting, funny, clever, and super accommodating (in addition to being extremely talented!!) It was worth the price just to be around him and learn about the Westfjords, landscape, photography, foraging, travel and to hear his stories. The meal we cooked together at the end of the foraging trip was the best meal we ate all week! Highly, highly recommend. Also of note-- do not feel intimidated or think you need to be a nature buff to do this tour-- we are true city slickers and had no trouble. Though I would recommend shoes to walk / hike in, waterproof if possible.

    Melissa Avatar
  • It was the experience of a lifetime! Rodolphe could not have been a better teacher, extremely patient and kind. I highly recommend it!!!

    Claudia Avatar

    a memorable experience with stephanie and rodolphe, they are extremely experienced in photography and more with nature, will definitely come back to visit the fjords.

    Sedona Avatar
Nature Multi Day Tours

Our nature Multi Day Tours give priority to hiking, landscapes and human activities related to nature.
These trips are for people who want to relax, wonder and marvel. This is not a sporting challenge and the required physical abilities are not high.
As the main idea of ​​these stays is the change of scenery, they were designed as treks with nights under the stars in a tent.
These multi day tours, for the majority, are the result of our curiosity of the moment. There is no guarantee that they are renewed from one year to the other. It's more about sharing a passing thirst for exploration.
Only the trek in Hornstrandir will be maintained to meet your demand, for others, you will have to take the opportunity ...

Wildlife Multi Day Tours

Our Wildlife Multi Day tours are dedicated to a particular animal. We develop a naturalistic approach.
The idea is to learn from nature through observations. We will to adapt our tactics of approaches to observations already made.
The natural evolution of animals is the heart of study. So it is therefore a guideline rather than a detailed plan that we propose.
We have accompanied researchers, animal reporters, draftsmen... We are able to adapt to your request. But it will never be detrimental to the well-being and tranquility of animals.
The hiding places are not hard, the animals are not baited. If necessary, the accommodation can only be a camping tent as it is the case with the mutilti day tour dedicated to polar foxes.

We will visit the different museums dedicated to the wildlife in the Westjords : Arctic Fox Center and the natural history museum of Bolungarvik.

The observations are interrupted every three days with a return to guesthouse. It will be the opportunity to have a rest. Time egally to charge the batteries and to retrieve the phone that were put off during observations.

Photographic Multi Day Tours

Our photographic trips are planned to meet expectations of photographers.
Whether they are experts or beginners, we bring the missing complement to the success of the mission that you have set.
Our knowledge of places, light conditions, the natural course of meteorology gives you a real advantage.
We will introduce all the knowledge you need to succeed your shots and many exercises will be offered to become quickly autonomous.
Most of our multi day tours are now centered around light as the Northern Lights stay but some others stays will come later to enlarge the list.
Photographic trips can be made with digital material or film. In the latter case, we make available all the development material.

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