Il ne s’agit pas d’un ouvrage spécifique sur le montage des mouches en Islande mais son catalogue de mouche est tellement étendu que vous ne trouverez sans aucune difficulté la façon de réaliser les mouches dont vous aurez besoin lors de vos sessions de pêche en Islande.

The Fly Tier’s Benchside Reference to Techniques and Dressing Styles
Published: 1998
Page Count: 444
ISBN13: 9781571881267
This extraordinary book focuses specifically on trout flies, many of the methods discussed can be used or adapted to dress patterns for other species. This encyclopedic treatment of fly tying includes: selecting materials, thread handling, hooks, mounting and trimming materials, weighting hooks, tying techniques for underbodies, weed guards, tails, ribbing, gills, bodies, wings, legs, heads, eyes and more. Materials covered include beads, foam, plastic, tinsels, feathers, fur, you name it. With over 3000 full-colour photographs…

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