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Animal encounters in winter

Animal encounters in winter


Animal encounters in winter


The first rule of watching animals is to see without being seen. This rule requires the observer a thorough study of the mores of the animals he is aiming for. Regarding the polar fox, no information is available and the approach of a wild polar fox remains something inaccessible to the greatest number.

During these three days, we will give you important information about the senses of polar foxes and explain how to hide from a fox is different from hiding from a human. We will teach you to read the clues and analyze the passages so that you can develop an approach strategy in a place you choose. You will learn to calculate the limits of your hideout in matter of time taking into account changes in wind direction, the movement of your shadow and the potential interest of the place for the fox (place of passage, feeding, rivalry .. .).

Whether your interest is to observe, to follow an animal trail or to photograph, you will like to discover this unprecedented experience of interference in nature. To be near the foxes without disturbing them, we will camp on the outskirts of the foxes territory and we will go to the hideout at times convenient to their meeting. You will have the opportunity to meet other species of animals during your stay.

As the animals we wish to observe are wild, we do not guarantee their encounter even if the probability of observing them is high.

Day 1

Camp installation
Immersion in the world of the polar fox
Discovery of the territories through a hike

Day 2

Introduction and development of the first lookout
Hiking to observe the foxes
Sharing observations during the meal

Day 3

Choice of the second lookout according to the observations of the day before
Observations of foxes
Uninstalling the camp

What is provided to you:

Camping tent
Inflatable mattress
Security equipment
Kitchen tool

What you need to bring:

Sleeping bag
Warm clothing: 1st layer legging / t-shirt, 2nd layer pants / fleece, 3rd layer on waterproof pants / jacket
Socks: 3 pairs
Waterproof hiking shoes
Gloves: silk under-gloves and warm mittens
For all clothing, prefer dark colors such as black or green

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3 day in complete autonomy

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