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Northern Lights

Aurora Photography

Aurora Borealis photography


The idea of ​​this session is to master the different parameters that are important in the success of an aurora borealis photo.

Judging the exposure of a photo and ensure that the focus is set to infinity (or at a shorter distance) by night require a certain habit. It's equally true when you want to play with the parameters of lights (moon, clouds, intensities of the northern lights). However it's very important in order to make a picture with a revealed landscape. We will practice these points and will learn how to make panoramas of them.

If the conditions are favorable, we will try different places to play with the reflections of the northern lights on the water, the waves...

At the end of the session, you will be able to shoot the northern lights alone whatever the light conditions.

Some exercises to do at home are suggested before the session and we will provide you with a comprehensive method that summarizes all the items discussed during the northern lights session.

Let us know witch kind of equipment you will use and especially what is your fastest and widest lens.
Ideally, you would need a lens with a focal length of at most 24mm and an aperture of at most f2.8 and a tripod.

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  • Sedona AvatarSedona

    a memorable experience with stephanie and rodolphe, they are extremely experienced in photography and more with nature, will definitely come back to visit the fjords. - 2/25/2019 

  • Kim AvatarKim

    Rodolphe was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He was a fantastic teacher and I learned a lot about nighttime photography in general and the specifics of shooting landscapes and the northern lights. It was a great experience and I am already applying what I learned to improve my photos. I can't recommend this experience with Rodolphe enough. - 3/24/2019 

Learn with your own camera

Don't forget your camera, tripod and filters if you want to learn with your own equipments

Flexible date

An other tour will be offer in case of bad conditions

Specific journey

We offer some journey in september and october for three people to shoot the northern lights. Feel free to ask

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