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Fox watching

Fox watching


Fox watching

Fox Watching

Polar foxes are ones of the most fascinating animals of the northern countries. He is so cute and so difficult to find...
As strange as it sounds, we will focus on the second point, the difficulty to meet them and it will be the purpose of this tour :
how to approach them ?

This tour is decicated to the people who are looking for the challenge and the wilderness. You can, with no doubt,
meet an arctic fox in Hornstrandir nature reserve and come back with the best shoots of foxes of your life.
Here it won't be the case, you will learn the habbits of the foxes, their way of seeing, how to approach them despite of the wind...
You will meet wild foxes, that is said some foxes in their native environment and not impregned by humans.

A wondeful walk

We will walk five hours and will discover a beautiful peninsula. We will hide to see the foxes from close and if we are lucky
we will see white tailed Eagle or Gyrfalcons, Eider ducks... Mountains, strange stones and basaltics columns will be at the program...

No particular difficulties

No prior knowledge is required. The walk is long but not difficult.
Come with hiking shoes and different layers of clothing to adapt to the time of day.

More tours about foxes ?

The opportunity is offered to spend one week with the arctic foxes in winter fur during the love season (march-april) .
You will find more informations here.

Approaching foxes is a priority, you can meet some foxes absolutly not shy during our trips to Hornbjarg.
It will be the paradise of the wildlife photographer. You can choose between our one day trip or our week in Hornstrandir.

You can also find more information about the arctic fox in the arctic fox center website.

Searching Availability...

Photographers are welcome

Wild foxes out of the natural reserve

Notice included

Total respect of the foxes

No bait will be used to approach the foxes

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