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Foraging & Cooking

Foraging and Cooking

Foraging & Cooking


In a consumer society that constantly offer products from the other side of the world, we don't have anymore the idea to look for an equivalence with what with have at hand.  We'll discover how we can find an alternative whithout lowering our exceptations in matter of tatse rediscovering the ancestral knowledge of foraging.
As a result and to deny the travelers that complain about Icelandic food without even knowing the variety and richness of the flavors offered by Iceland's easily accessible plants or raw materials, we offer you the chance to share one foraging morning.

Pleasure in its simplest form

We hope to introduce you to the culinary potential of Icelandic nature through the pleasant activities of foraging and walks.
You will develop your menu from A to Z with the foods you will harvest yourself. Each harvested element will be identified and possibly replaced by a commercial element if the harvest proves to be destructive for the plant (for example the roots of Angélique will be replaced by potatoes).

No difficulties

No special effort will be required and no prior knowledge is required.

Come with hiking shoes and different layers of clothing to adapt to the time of day.

Searching Availability...

The idea of the activity is to present different foods that can be collected during simple walks in Iceland and to make a meal out of these elements.

We will collect plants and make a soup, different kinds of mushrooms to use as an accompaniment and will try to catch a fish to make the main course. Finally, we will concoct a dessert based on berries and rhubarb.

You will receive a link to find the recipes we have prepared and a guide to the different plants and mushrooms encountered.

A quiet morning in a good mood that will allow us to give a new face to Icelandic walks.

If you have enjoyed this tour, you can go further with us and try our week dedicated to the northern light.
During the day we enjoy a lot of activities and we learn how to take picture of northern lights during the evening.

During your trip in Iceland, don't forget to visit the only mushroom farm of Iceland !

Oyster Plants Toasts

French Parsil Soup


Flat Fish and Cantarela with Angelica Sauce


Blueberry pie

Rhubarb Jam & home made Surdough Bread

08am - 10 am : collect of plants & mushrooms

10am - 11 am : Fishing

11am - 13 am : Cooking

  • We spent a week in Iceland, 2 days in the Westfjords, and this excursion was the highlight of our entire trip. Rodolphe is interesting, funny, clever, and super accommodating (in addition to being extremely talented!!) It was worth the price just to be around him and learn about the Westfjords, landscape, photography, foraging, travel and to hear his stories. The meal we cooked together at the end of the foraging trip was the best meal we ate all week! Highly, highly recommend. Also of note-- do not feel intimidated or think you need to be a nature buff to do this tour-- we are true city slickers and had no trouble. Though I would recommend shoes to walk / hike in, waterproof if possible.

    Melissa Avatar

    Great host. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We learned a lot and we're impressed by his passion for his work.

    Jon Avatar

An unprecedented experience

An other way of discovering the nature of Iceland

Recipes and guide included

Total respect of the environement

Any plant that would be destroyed by harvesting it will be replaced by an equivalent element of trade

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